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Emblem and logo

The emblem of the university is a stylized eagle surrounded by the inscription “Politechnika Białostocka” (Bialystok University of Technology). It is also used in a simplified form, with the omission of the inscription. The BUT emblem was designed by a renowned artist Karol Śliwka.

In order to protect it against misuse, the BUT emblem/logo have been registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Authorisation to use the logo can be obtained from the Promotion Department of the Bialystok University Of Technology. The entity which receives such authorisation is thereby obliged to comply with all the standards and principles of which it is informed.

When, in particular, does one have to obtain permission to use the BUT logo?
  • the use of the logo on the website or any other materials by spin off companies, special purpose vehicles, but also student science clubs, non-governmental organizations and other cooperating entities;
  • the use of the logo for the purposes of educational and research activities carried out by researchers/ graduates/ doctoral students/ students outside their home university, e.g. in the form of a one-person business, a non-profit company or a spin out company;
  • the use of the logo on a poster, leaflet and other materials informing about an event organized at the university or in cooperation with it.
Rules of using the logo
  • The horizontal version of the logo is recommended in all BUT materials. It is acceptable to use the round version in materials where the use of a horizontal logo is impossible (eg. interference with the graphic layout or illegibility of the logo).
  • BUT units and academics representing the university on behalf of their unit have the right to use the logo in compliance with the rules. In order to use the logo all students (including student science clubs) are obliged, through their supervisor, to request an e-mail permission from the Promotion Departament. The supervisor will be responsible for the correctness of the further use of the logo.
  • BUT employees who publish independently are not allowed to use the logo for their publications. The only situation that allows the use of the logo in a publication is when one obtains funding from the university authorities. However, in such a case, the following note is required: publication co-financed/financed by the Bialystok University of Technology.
  • Institutions cooperating with the university receive the logo only through the Promotion Department or an academic staff member who is responsible for this cooperation on behalf of his or her unit.
  • The logo is always made available in the form of an electronic file. In the case of consent to use the logo, all standards and rules for its use must be observed.
  • The logos are attached below.

The university may charge a license fee for the use of the logo. If the university logo is used without its consent, civil or criminal liability must be assumed.

Questions concerning the use of the logo:
Download the BUT logo

Vertical version of a logo

Horizontal version of a logo