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Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may receive support in the form of, among others:

  • services of an assistant for a person with disabilities,
  • sign language interpreter services for deaf and hard of hearing persons,
  • additional teaching of a foreign language taking into account specific needs resulting from disabilities,
  • alternative forms of compulsory physical education classes adapted to the abilities of students with disabilities,
  • additional supplementary (compensatory) classes taking into account specific needs resulting from disabilities,
  • purchase, adaptation or development of didactic and academic materials in a form accessible to a person with disabilities,
  • provision of specialised equipment and software to support the teaching/scientific process,
  • adaptation of the form of knowledge verification to the needs resulting from the disability,
  • financing the costs of participation in national and foreign training courses, conferences, sports activities, science and sports camps, Olympics or Paralympics, including transport and accommodation costs, which are increased due to disability,
  • organisation of classes in classrooms with fitted assistive listening devices,
  • provision of technological solutions to support the educational process,
  • the opportunity to request permission to record learning activities for their own use,
  • the possibility to receive teaching materials in a version adapted to individual needs resulting from disability.

Office for People with Disabilities

The provision of support takes place at the student’s request. Along with the application, a disability certificate or current specialist medical documentation confirming the necessity of granting support shall be presented for review.

A request for adaptation of the form of knowledge verification should be submitted to the Office for People with Disabilities no later than 3 weeks before the examination date.

Receipt of support in the form of registration of classes and receipt of teaching materials is associated with the signing by the applicant of a statement of responsibility for the illegal provision of copyrighted materials.

Information about psychological support for English-speaking students and employees of the Bialystok University of Technology is available at Psychological counselling.

We encourage you to use the free, anonymous assistance of a career advisor and a psychological consultant of the educational process within the Support Point.

First and second degree students with a disability certificate can obtain:

  • a scholarship for disabled students;
  • financial support from The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People;
  • free access to the Academic Digital Library.