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Academic Sports Centre

The Bialystok University of Technology has very good sports facilities, all of them situated within the university campus.

Most classes are held in the Academic Sports Centre, part B, which was opened in March 2006.

Head of the Academic Sports Centre Stanisław Piątkowski, MSc

+48 85 746 97 01
s.piatkowski [at] pb.edu.pl

The centre is a two-storey building with a total floor area of 3987 m².
The first floor comprises:

  • a gym – 226 m2,
  • a martial arts room – 271 m2,
  • a table tennis room – 216 m2,
  • an aerobics room – 213 m2.

The second floor comprises a team games room with a total area of 968 m2, fully equipped for such sports as:

  • volleyball,
  • basketball,
  • handball,
  • handball,
  • futsal,
  • badminton,
  • tennis.

Apart from the hall of the Academic Sports Centre, the university has a modern gym in the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

Sport facilities at Bialystok University of Technology