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Contact details

Office of Rector of Bialystok University of Technology
prof. Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, DSc, PhD, Eng

Paweł Szeps
rektor [at] pb.edu.pl  
+48 85 746-90-10
+48 85 746-90-15

Office of the Vice Rector for International Cooperation
prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng

Adrianna Dakowicz
prorektor.wspolpraca [at] pb.edu.pl  
+48 85 746-90-82

International Relations Office (studies in English)
Head of the International Relations Office
Małgorzata Malinowska-Czuprys

m.malinowska [at] pb.edu.pl

+48 85 746-96-61

Website: International Relations Office

Map of the campus