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Remote learning

Solutions available at BUT


The rules of using student e-mail – view details

Password reset requests for accounts @student.pb.edu.pl or st.pb.edu.pl should be sent to:
office365 [at] uci.pb.edu.pl.

All BUT students obtain an Office 365 account

All BUT students and employees obtain an Office 365 account and can use the Teams platform. Just log on to the website: www.office.com and choose Teams from the available applications.

It is also possible to download the desktop version of the application. Microsoft also provides an application for mobile devices.

For employees, the simplified account creation procedure is as follows:
The employee sends a request to create an account in MO 365 using the university email or USOSweb to:
office365 [at] uci.pb.edu.pl.

The e-mail should contain only the employee’s name and surname.
Thanks to this, the identity of the employee is confirmed.

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Download Microsoft Teams