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CKZ Educational platform

The platform can be accessed through the website signing in.

Login data

All research and teaching staff as well as students upon starting work/study at the Bialystok University of Technology obtain their accounts and are free to create their teaching/learning space.
The login data is the same as for USOSweb system.

For technical queries contact:

eduportal [at] ckz.pb.edu.pl

User manuals

User manuals for the educational platform are available after logging in from the top menu Portal / Manuals:
Manual for a Student

The main functionalities of the CKZ Educational Platform:
  • providing a library of online training courses;
  • enabling the development of advanced curricula;
  • facilitating the creation of electronic training courses, educational materials, tests and surveys;
  • providing tools for videoconferencing, virtual classes, online meetings;
  • monitoring of learning activity and progress;
  • providing tools for gamification and social learning mechanisms in the education process;
  • providing a library for exchange of educational materials;
  • compliance with SCORM, AICC, Common Cartridge, IMS standards;
  • enabling cooperation between users – exchange of ideas/experiences;
  • running discussion groups;
  • enabling group work, social learning and chat.