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Bialystok University of Technology Day

statuetki Politechniki BiałostockiejOn 1 December 1949, the Ministry of Education issued a letter allowing the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT) to establish and run the Private Evening College of Engineering in Bialystok. Two years later, the school was renamed the Evening College of Engineering. In 1964, having obtained the right to conduct full-time studies, the school changed its name to the Higher School of Engineering. By the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 19 September 1974, the Higher School of Engineering was transformed into Bialystok University of Technology (Politechnika Białostocka). The Regulation came into force on 1 October 1974.

Referring to these events, the Senate of Bialystok University of Technology, by a Resolution of 4 February 1999, established the date of 1 December as the Bialystok University of Technology Day.