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Rules of using student electronic mail and MS Office 365 service

Regulations for the use of electronic student mail and MS Office 365 service
provided at the Bialystok University of Technology

General provisions

  1. The Regulations for the use of student electronic mail and MS Office 365 service at the Bialystok University of Technology, hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”, define the terms and conditions for the use of student electronic mail at the Bialystok University of Technology, hereinafter referred to as “the University”, as well as the type and scope of the MS Office 365 service provided by the Bialystok University of Technology.
  2. The only system for handling student electronic mail at the University is the MS Office 365 service, hereinafter referred to as “MS Office 365”.
  3. The following terms used in these Regulations shall be understood to mean:
    • login – the User’s identifier allowing unambiguous identification in the Service;
    • password – a sequence of characters authorizing the User to gain access to the service;
    • account/mail account – electronic student mail in the MS Office 365 service;
    • User – a natural person having the status of a student, doctoral student or postgraduate student of the Bialystok University of Technology, using an account in the Service;
    • administrator – the head or a designated employee of the University IT Centre, supervising the operation of the IT system (MS Office 365 service);
    • Service – the MS Office 365 service.
  4. The use of an e-mail account in the Service is free of charge.
  5. The prerequisite for using the Service is the status of a student, a doctoral student or a postgraduate student of the Bialystok University of Technology.
  6. The first logging on to the student mail account with the accompanying MS Office 365 services is tantamount to acceptance of the Regulations by the person using the account.
  7. The service consists in providing the User with an e-mail account with a capacity of at least 50GB and additional functionalities available in MS Office 365.
  8. The service can be accessed from any computer with access to the Internet through any updated web browser. Some services can also be accessed using mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, etc.
  9. The University reserves the right to change the functionality of the MS Office 365 service. Users will be informed about the changes via their e-mail account.
  10. The University undertakes to monitor the functioning of the e-mail system.
  11. The Account is used for communication between the University and the User.
  12. The University may use the accounts only for the purposes arising from statutory activities and to inform about current issues in the life of the academic community.
  13. The University is not responsible for the User’s losses resulting from improper use of the account and reserves the right to run anti-spam and anti-virus software processing messages passing through the system.
  14. Correct implementation of the Service is ensured by the University IT Centre.

Access to the Service

  1. Activation and use of the Service:
    • activation of the Service takes place automatically during the first logging on to the website https://www.office.com with the use of the same login data as for Eduroam; in case of problems with the password, it can be retrieved in the USOSweb system; this password is treated as the first login password and is subject to mandatory change at the first login;
    • the account name is assigned automatically and is not subject to change during the use of the service;
    • in the event of a change of the name or surname of the User of the account, the displayed User name is changed upon request of the User sent via the USOS system to the address: office365@uci.pb.edu.pl;
    • the User may have only one account.
  2. De-registration from the Service:
    • deregistration from the Service will take place automatically 3 months after the User loses the status of student, doctoral student or postgraduate student of the University; during this period it is possible to switch to the service for graduates by sending a request to transfer the service to: office365@uci.pb.edu.pl; the graduate account gives the right to use e-mail only, without services available in MS Office 365;
    • the User should archive all data stored in the service before de-registration from the service;
    • after de-registration, access to data will not be possible and all messages and files will be deleted;
    • if the User’s account is deleted and the User re-enrols or renews his or her studies, a new account is created.

User rights and obligations

  1. The User has the right to:
    • change the password to the account;
    • use the Service, referred to in $1, section 7 of the Regulations, and additional services available in the package;
    • privacy of the data stored on the server.
  2. The User is obliged to:
    • comply with the Regulations;
    • comply with the server administrator’s instructions;
    • take care to protect the access to his/her account, in particular not to reveal the account password or make the account accessible to third parties, etc;
    • immediately report any vulnerabilities found in the system or other irregularities;
    • use secure passwords, i.e. consisting of at least 8 characters, a lowercase and an uppercase letter, a number and a special character;
    • check e-mail regularly.
  3. The User of the account is responsible for all activities carried out on the server/account with the use of the User’s password.

Administrator’s rights and obligations

  1. The Administrator has a right to:
    • limit or block the use of the account for Users who do not comply with the Regulations;
    • delete data that are in breach of the law or the University’s internal regulations (this must be agreed with the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs or a person authorised by him/her).
  2. The Administrator is obliged to:
    • monitor the operation of the Service and respond to irregularities in the Service;
    • provide assistance to Users in matters related to the use of the account.
  3. User actions inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations or violating generally applicable laws will result in temporary or permanent blocking of access to the Service.
  4. Prohibited activities include, in particular:
    • revealing the password and allowing third parties to use the service;
    • using the service for sending mass unsolicited email (spam);
    • taking actions that may disrupt the operation of the Service;
    • making available or storing content prohibited by law;
    • making available copyrighted content;
    • using the Service to distribute materials prohibited by law.
  5. The User acknowledges that his/her actions may be monitored by administrative processes designed to control aspects related to security, performance optimization, overall system configuration, billing and resource usage.

Final provisions

Complaints, remarks, comments and questions concerning the operation of student electronic mail should be addressed to the University IT Centre,
45A Wiejska St., Białystok,
+48 85 746 91 26 or +48 85 746 70 77,
office [at] 365uci.pb.edu.pl.