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University IT Centre

The University IT Centre of Bialystok University of Technology (UCI) is a unit of the university’s administrative structure responsible for maintaining an efficient and secure IT infrastructure for the purposes of teaching, research and management of the University. It provides its users with technical support relating to IT systems and platforms.

Head of the University IT Centre Marcin Rodzianko, MSc, Eng.

room 019 B

The responsibilities of the unit include supervision and modernization of systems as well as adaptation of new information technologies. UCI also supports scientific research and the teaching process by providing access to software and modern technologies.


  • Microsoft AzureDev Tools for Teaching
  • Matlab
  • Statistica
  • ESET Endpoint Security Suite

In addition, UCI handles university licenses, manages electronic signatures and coordinates software purchases. The unit also organizes training and IT courses for students and employees of the University.

Main IT resources:

  • USOS system and satellite systems;
  • USOSweb system and mobile USOSweb PB;
  • Archive of Diploma Theses;
  • Internet Registration System for Candidates;
  • Public Information Bulletin.