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Institute of Innovation and Technology

Since 2021 Institute of Innovation and Technology (IIT) is official the one and only SPV in Poland with Research & Development Centre status granted by Ministry of Development and Technology.

The main task of Technology Transfer Office (TTO) – being a part of IIT – is delivering the results of R&D works, which are carried out for the needs of companies.

TTO supports the companies on every phase of innovative activity, including such tasks as working on the concept of innovative technological, production and organizational solutions, preparing documentation, prototyping, certifying, entering the product on market. Every year Institute conducts more than 100 R&D works.

Another important aspect of Institute and TTO’s activity, is the direct and indirect commercialization of research works which are carried out by academic community.

Experimental Production and Technical Services Workshop (EPTSW) is also the very important part of the Institute and its main field of activity is professional metal processing with 30 years of experience.