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AKADERA’ Academic Radio Station of Bialystok University of Technology

logo radio Akadera“Radio Akadera” has existed for over 55 years. It is a licensed radio station that belongs to the Polish university radio broadcasting group (Polskie Rozgłośnie Akademickie). Radio Akadera broadcasts in Polish on 87.7 FM. The station reaches listeners in Bialystok and its surroundings within a radius of over 50 km. Currently, the station has over 80 thousand listeners and is one of the most popular radio stations in the region (according to Radio Track Millward Brown reports).

Radio Akadera is the only alternative rock radio station in Podlaskie Voivodship. Through its programme offer it promotes and to some extent even creates local independent culture. It is the only station to present music of local bands in a regular daily playlist, which allows them to reach a wider audience.

Radio Akadera works for the development of the local community in Podlasie. Its journalists report on events from the region and the city, produce programmes on various topics, e.g. disease prevention, EU programmes and scientific research.

The station actively supports cultural events of the region and the city, contributing to the positive image of Podlasie, e.g. electronic music festival “Up to Date”, blues music festival “Zaduszki Bluesowe”, and the Podlaski Festival of Science and Art.

The station is also a breeding ground for journalistic talents in the Podlaskie Voivodeship – it has trained dozens of journalists and reporters who have become important members of regional journalistic community.

In 2016, Radio Akadera received the Podlaskie Voivodeship Medal of Honour for its contribution to the region, and in 2009 the Podlaskie Voivodeship Patron of Culture statuette.