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The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2024 is already playing at Bialystok University of Technology

Vice-Rector Szusta is holding a collection box for the GOCC
Bialystok University of Technology is supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, as it does every year. A collection box is already waiting for donors in room no. 35 in the Rectorate building, i.e. the secretary office of Assoc. Prof. Jarosław Szusta, DSc, PhD, Eng, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. The collection will run until 26 January 2024.

In 2024, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is playing for the 32nd time. A collection box is waiting for donors at Ms Irena Werdoni, in room no. 35, in the Rectorate building at 45 A Wiejska St. from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm.


The 32nd Grand Finale will be organized on 28 January 2024. The main objective of this year’s fundraiser is “Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!”. This means that our goal is to purchase medical equipment for the diagnosis, monitoring, and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases in both children and adults. There are 64 such centres in Poland. 

We are planning on buying medical equipment for 15 children’s and 49 adults’ respiratory units in the country. – says Jurek Owsiak.

The GOCC Foundation plans to purchase:

  • equipment for diagnostic imaging, i.a. MRI and ultrasound equipment,
  • equipment for functional diagnosis, i.a. polysomnographs and portable spirometers,
  • equipment for endoscopic diagnosis, i.a. navigational bronchoscopy systems and bronchoscopes
  • equipment for rehabilitation – equipment for pulmonary rehabilitation used in the treatment of patients after lung transplantation
  • equipment for thoracic surgery, e.g. electrocoagulation systems and cryoprobes.

The GOCC Foundation decided on the aim of the upcoming fundraiser after consulting the current medical challenges in the country with the Polish Society of Paediatric Pulmonology. Experts drew attention to the very serious post-pandemic health issues among children and adults. Additionally, the air quality in Poland is worsening, which is causing an increase in the number of people affected by lung diseases. In addition, the Foundation wants to support patients with cystic fibrosis – there are approximately 1,800 people living with this disease in Poland, the percentage of adult patients with cystic fibrosis is less than 40 per cent.

(jd based on wosp.org.pl)