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Signing of the student exchange programme agreement between Bialystok University of Technology and Tianjin Chengjian University

Assoc. Prof. Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, DSc, PhD, Eng, Rector of BUT and Prof. Bai Haili, Rector of Tianjin Chengjian University sit at a table, documents lie in front of them, Polish and Chinese flags are on the table.

On 4-5 October, we are hosting a delegation from our partner university – Tianjin Chengjian University (China), which co-creates with us the International School of Engineering International School of Engineering at Tianjin Chengjian University (ISE). The key point of the visit was the signing of an agreement on a student exchange programme between our universities. We have been cooperating with our Partner since 2013. The new agreement increases the scope of the student exchange and offers the possibility to study in China.



On 4 October, representatives of partner universities signed an agreement that regulates the exchange of students receiving education in the International School of Engineering – ISE. The meeting was attended by: Assoc. Prof. Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, DSc, PhD, Eng, Rector of BUT, Assoc. Prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Dariusz Andraka, PhD, Eng, Vice-Dean of the International School of Engineering, prof. Katarzyna Zabielska-Adamska, member of the ISE Academic Committee and delegates of the partner university: prof. Bai Haili, Rector of Tianjin Chengjian University, Prof. Wang Li, Director of the Office for International Cooperation, as well as Prof. Huang Lingxiang, Dean of the International School of Engineering.

The signing of the contract is a seal of a long-term cooperation in educating specialists. Bialystok University of Technology, together with Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU), provides first- and second-degree studies within the framework of the established International School of Engineering in two fields of study: Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The signed agreement on the student exchange programme offers the opportunity to study both at Bialystok University of Technology and at Tianjin Chengjian University in China at different faculties.

– The International School of Engineering (ISE) at Tianjin Chengjian University, since the signing of the agreement establishing this international educational institution in June 2021, became a very important element of didactic and organizational activities not only of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Sciences, but also of the entire Bialystok University of Technology, being one of the activities in the context of the internationalization of the University – says the Vice-Dean of the International School of Engineering, Dariusz Andraka.

During the term of the agreement until 2028, ISE may cover a total of approx. 1250 students, of which approx. 700 students will study Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, co-led by BUT.

The beginning of ISE’s activity was the period of the pandemic, which prevented ISE from functioning to the full extent, including both the arrival of ISE students to BUT for full-time studies and the trips of BUT teachers to Tianjin to conduct selected specialist courses. This forced us to conduct all classes remotely, with one exception – in the summer semester of the 2021/2022 academic year, we managed to organize the arrival of 12 second-cycle students in the field of Civil Engineering, who carried out their BUT education programme for 4 months.

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– The academic year 2023/24 will be, in my opinion, a breakthrough in the activities of ISE. First of all, we have started full-time education of ISE students at BUT from 2 October 2023. Thanks to the joint efforts of ISE teams at BUT and TCU and the authorities of both universities, we managed to organize the arrival of 82 students from China who will carry out classes covered by the study programme at BUT (semesters V-VI in the case of first-cycle studies and semester III – in the case of second-cycle studies). Together with the students, two teachers from TCU also came to BUT, who will support our team in organizing classes and taking care for ISE students – says the Vice-Dean of ISE.

Another important event will be the trip of BUT teachers to China to carry out classes at TCU. At the turn of November and December, 3 teachers from the field of Civil Engineering and 1 teacher from the field of Environmental Engineering will go to TCU for a period of 3-4 weeks and conduct a total of over 400 hours of didactic classes there. In turn, in the summer semester we plan to send 10 BUT teachers to TCU, who will complete over 900 hours of classes there.

Also this academic year, BUT teachers will conduct diploma theses of ISE students together with professors from TCU, completing the cycle of education at both 1st and 2nd degree studies. Each ISE diploma student will have their own assistant supervisor at BUT, thanks to which the diploma theses of ISE students will meet the substantive and formal requirements of our University, and students completing their studies at ISE with a positive result will obtain a diploma of both TCU and Bialystok University of Technology.


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The photo gallery of the signing of the agreement between the partner universities:

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