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Grand Conference of Student Research Circles of Bialystok University of Technology. 21 student research circles attracted crowds of students to the Centre for Modern Education

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Several thousand viewers of interviews with students from student research circles and more than 500 views of the broadcast are the first results of the first Grand Conference of Student Research Circles of Bialystok University of Technology, which took place on 28 October in the Centre for Modern Education.

The building at 16 Zwierzyniecka Street was crowded with members of several dozen student research circles active at Bialystok University of Technology, as well as university and secondary school students determined to develop their passions within the walls of our University.

– The first Grand Conference of Student Research Circles is a historic event, – said Assoc. Prof. Mirosław Świercz, DSc, PhD, Eng, 1st Deputy Rector of Bialystok University of Technology, Vice- Rector for Development. – The student scientific movement concentrated in scientific circles is the strength and pride of the University. Our students are full of enthusiasm, creativity and eagerness to work, and they find support in the University’s staff. Their successes drive progress and attract followers to continue their work in the circles. In the recent “Best of the Best” competition, our research circles received support from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the amount of nearly PLN 730,000 for their activities. Because, really – you are the best of the best. You have ambitious goals, innovative ideas and you successfully implement them. This distinguishes our students from students at other technical universities – including the big ones.

The Rector also addressed the observers and guests of the conference – secondary school students.

– You will be the successors of those who are presenting themselves today, you will be successful yourselves and you will develop the activities of scientific circles, – said Prof. Świercz. – In our University you will find a very good place to realise your ambitions and ideas.

An important part of the conference and presentations in the Centre for Modern Education was the presence of companies supporting the activities of student research circles.

– These companies are distinguished by their innovativeness, – stressed Prof. Świercz. – Cooperation with scientific circles brings concrete benefits to both parties.

– Our students gain knowledge, skills and experience through participation in various projects conducted by scientific circles at individual faculties of the university, – emphasised Assoc. Prof. Jarosław Szusta, DSc, PhD, Eng, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at Bialystok University of Technology, who directly supervises the activities of all circles at the university. – This contributes to enhancing the competences of students active in scientific circles. Thanks to this, they are recognised by the socio-economic environment and recruited already during their studies. One example is the Cerber Motorsport section of the student Auto-Moto-Club. At Formula Student competitions, large corporations observe our mechanics, see their skills and immediately offer them jobs. Activities in scientific circles allow us to acquire competences that are highly sought after on the labour market.

– Scientific circles at Bialystok University of Technology operate really dynamically, – confirmed Adrian Twardowski, president of the Student Self-Government of Bialystok University of Technology. He himself also takes part in the work of a scientific circle, and as a member of the Self-Government he deals with allocation of the available finances, including for the scientific circles. – This is a great opportunity for those who study here, to develop their passions. Very often we choose the subjects we want to deal with in our research circles ourselves, and that’s why we put our hearts into it. – stressed Twardowski. And he informed that the Student Self-Government of Bialystok University of Technology has set up a committee that allocates funds for the activities of scientific circles at the University. – It can be said that this money is granted by the BUT students to the BUT students. – commented Twardowski.

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Photo gallery of the Grand Conference of Student Research Circles of Bialystok University of Technology