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BUT Career Fairs 2022. Traineeship and Apprenticeship has started

04.04.2022 Targi Praktyk i Stazy na Wydziale Informatyki PB, fot. Agnieszka Sakowicz-Stasiulewicz (22)
Fifty biggest employers from the region present their offers to students of Bialystok University of Technology. On Monday, 4 April, the spring edition of ‘ BUT Career Fairs. Traineeship and Apprenticeship’ was launched.

This year, the event has a unique formula. Throughout the week, so-called professional days will be held. Each of the companies participating in the Fair will be able to present their offer to the right target group, i.e. students and graduates of a particular Faculty.

Where and when:

4 April

– 09:00-13:00 Faculty of Architecture, 11 Oskara Sosnowskiego St

– 09:00-13:00 Faculty of Computer Science, 45A Wiejska St

5 April

– 09:00-13:00 Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 45E Wiejska St

6 April

– 09:00-13:00 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 45D Wiejska St

7 April

– 09:00-13:00 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 45C Wiejska St

8 April

– 09:00-13:00 Faculty of Engineering Management, 2 Ojca Tarasiuka St, Kleosin

‘BUT Career Fairs. Traineeship and Apprenticeship’ is organised by the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office, which supports our students in taking their first steps on the labour market. It also makes it easier for employers, who are often looking for employees with specific competences and qualifications, to contact young engineers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company where you can complete an internships or an apprenticeship, if you are looking for your first job, or maybe you want to change your place of employment – it is worth coming to the professional days of the ‘BUT Career Fairs 2022. Traineeship and Apprenticeship’.

‘BUT Career Fairs 2022. Traineeship and Apprenticeship’ will be attended by representatives of the largest employers in the region:

  1. AC S.A
  2. Acaisoft
  3. Aldesa
  4. APS
  5. ASPI
  6. bee2code
  10. CERI
  11. Chm
  12. Danwood
  13. DS360
  14. Elastic Cloud Solutions
  15. Elektromontaż Wschód
  16. Elsolar
  17. Enea
  18. GLOSEL
  19. IKEA
  20. JAZON
  21. KAN
  22. Kruko
  23. Malow
  24. MKL BAU
  25. Nibe-Biawar Sp. zo.o.
  26. OPI
  27. P&Q
  28. Pagepro
  29. PLUM
  30. POLFER
  31. PRONAR
  32. PySENSE
  33. Rosti
  34. Rydoo
  35. SaMASZ
  36. Sempai
  37. Siec Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Ceramiki i Materiałów Budowlanych
  38. Sii
  39. SoftServe
  40. Świat ogrodzeń
  41. Transition Technologies MS S.A.
  42. Transition Technologies PSC S.A.
  43. Transition Technologies -Software
  44. Unibep SA
  45. Vimana
  46. VISTAL PREF Sp. z o.o.
  47. WestRock Multi Packaging Solutions Białystok
  48. Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy
  49. Zielona Linia
  50. Wojskowa Komenda Uzupełnień w Białymstoku
  51. Hub of Talents 2
  52. Biuro Karier i Współpracy z Absolwentami PB

Join us!