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Donations for Ukraine


We start collecting goods for Ukraine at Bialystok University of Technology. Let’s all join the action to help.

In the face of unprecedented military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, Bialystok University of Technology joins the action of the Bialystok City Hall and NGOs of the region “Bialystok helps Ukraine” – says Assoc. Prof. Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, DSc, PhD, Eng, Rector of Bialystok University of Technology.

On Monday, 28 February 2022, we launched the appeal for help.

– We collect goods listed as the most needed items to help the Ukrainian people,” says Assoc. Prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation.

Since Monday morning, boxes prepared near the receptions of Faculties of Bialystok University of Technology are being filled up with donations for Ukraine. Students and employees are bringing mainly personal hygiene products, long-term food, products for children and first-aid materials.

– In the face of recent events, our academic community could not remain idle,” says Assoc. Prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation. – We decided to join the action organised by the City Hall in Bialystok together with various organisations under the slogan “Bialystok helps Ukraine”, and to the best of our abilities we try to organise a collection of all necessary products according to the list from the Centre for Social Activity, which coordinates the action. In all Faculty buildings of Bialystok University of Technology collection points have been organised. Then, all these products will be transported to the hall of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences of Bialystok University of Technology, where volunteers – both teachers and students of our University will take care of sorting, labelling and packing these gifts. We are doing everything we can to help in this terribly difficult situation in which the Ukrainian people find themselves.

Students from all faculties of Bialystok University of Technology are involved.

– Students have already been bringing donations,” says Emilia Ramatowska of Bialystok University of Technology Student Self-Government. – Good always comes back to us. When someone is in need, one should stand up and help. In this situation, the only way to help is to organise such a collection, which is why students are eager to get involved and help.

Collection points are located at the reception desks of individual Faculties of our University. We do not specify the end date of the collection. Collection points will operate between 8 am and 6 pm.

List of collection points:

Faculty of Architecture, 11 Oskara Sosnowskiego St, Bialystok

Faculty of Engineering Management, 2 Ojca Tarasiuka St, Kleosin

Faculties on the BUT campus:

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 45E Wiejska St

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 45 D Wiejska St

Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering, 45 C Wiejska St

Faculty of Computer Science/Rectorate, 45A Wiejska St

Centre for Modern Education, 16 Zwierzyniecka St

List of products needed:






Particularly needed: thermal blankets, sterile gauze, sterile compresses, elastic bandages, saline, disinfectants, disposable gloves, sterile dressing slings, tourniquets, dressing scissors


hydrogen peroxide or octanisept, analgesics and antipyretics (tablets, suppositories and syrups), activated charcoal, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, chewable throat lozenges, throat pastilles, nasal spray, bepanten ointment, altacet, fastum, tribiotic, rivanol.

– long-term food

Particularly needed: instant soups and other instant dishes, energy bars, chocolates, hot-cup puddings, tins/cans/jars with ready meals such as bigos, baked beans, cabbage soup with sausage, pea soup, meatballs in sauce, tripe and dry products: sugar, groats, pasta, flour, coffee, water, tea, oils.

– hygiene and chemical products

Particularly needed: adult diapers, sanitary towels, diapers, shampoos, gels and soaps, toilet paper, laundry detergent, disinfectant wet wipes.

– baby food

Particularly needed: porridge, milk, juice, ready-made meals in jars, milk crisps.

– basic necessities

Particularly needed: bedding sets, new towels, new underwear for women and children.

Clothing, but only thermal clothing for adults – for the army, new, but well packed and described.

IMPORTANT: We do not collect other clothing or footwear!