REGULATION of the Rector of Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) of 17 September 2020


In accordance with the Regulation No. 1171 of the Rector of the Białystok University of Technology, from October 1 this year lectures, foreign language classes, seminars and auditorium classes are conducted using distance learning methods and technologies.
On the other hand laboratory classes, project classes, specialist workshops and Physical Education classes are conducted on the University’s premises.
In the event of a temporary limitation or suspension of the functioning of the University, all educational activities will be conducted with the use of distance learning methods and technologies, according to the generally applicable law and the University’s regulations.

All activities at the University are conducted in accordance with the sanitary regime, taking into account the current recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland, as well as in accordance with the hygienic and sanitary guidelines published on the University’s website.

For laboratory classes, workstations should be organised in such a way as to provide a 1.5-metre distance between students or, if possible, to separate individual workstations with partitions, e.g. made of plastic.

All activities, including those conducted with the use of distance learning methods and technologies, shall be carried out in accordance with the timetables published on the websites of the BUT Faculties.

If, due to the epidemic situation, the functioning of the Białystok University of Technology is limited or suspended, the university will smoothly switch to distance learning. Importantly, in communication between University employees and students, e-mail addresses with a subdomain should be used, respectively:
@ or @

For more information, be sure to read the regulations in the attached document.

Regulations of the BUT Rector, 1711 (DOC, 62 KB)

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