1. Register in IRK2:
  2. Prepare Learning Agreement online in IRK- choose courses from academic year 2020/2021 and click on “Apply with current LA”.
    If there are no more places available for the course you have chosen, ask a faculty coordinator for an extra place (Faculty coordinators)
    Max. number of credits per one semester: 30 ECTS.
    Documents without the online application cannot be accepted, because the online system is used for booking places in the courses you select.
    – Read Annex: End Notes before completing Learning Agreement for Studies.
    – Read about photo requirements.
  3. Print from IRK and sign Accommodation Form if you want to apply for a place at BUT dormitories.
  4. Send us by e-mail a good quality colour scan (PDF files) of:
    • Learning Agreement for Studies signed by you and signed and stamped by your coordinator (printed from the IRK system),
    • Accommodation Form (printed from the IRK system),
    • A digital photo (don`t forget about the photo requirements).

    You don`t have to send us original documents by post, a good quality colour scan is fine 🙂
    Send your documents to m.piech [at]


The Vice-Rector for Education
and International Cooperation

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
Assoc. Prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng.

(85) 85 746-90-82

prorektor.ksztalcenie [at]

Head of International Relations Office

Małgorzata Malinowska-Czuprys, MA

(85) 85 746-96-61

m.malinowska [at]

International Relations Office

Maciej Piech, MA

(85) 85 746-90-47

m.piech [at]
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