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Freemovers are students who travel entirely on their own initiative, while exchange students use exchange programmes at a department, faculty, institution, or national level like ERASMUS+. Academic mobility under Freemovers Program refers to currently enrolled students at higher education institutions on Undergraduate (Bachelor) and Graduate (Master) programs, willing to move for one semester or an academic year to Białystok University of Technology in order to follow academic program or to take certain courses.

The Freemovers Students will have to cover the fees at BUT.

Freemover Students will have their courses in the same way as the rest of the Exchange students. They will have the same rights as Exchange students, however are not considered as Erasmus students.
Participating in the Freemover Program does not give the right to seek for BUT diploma.

  1. Contact the International Relations Office at your university.
  2. Get nominated by your university.
  3. Wait for an e-mail with the instructions.
  4. Apply in BUT registration system – IRK2* (https://irk2.uci.pb.edu.pl)
  5. Send required documents to International Relations Officer.
  6. Receive the Invitation Letter
  7. Arrange visa
  8. Get health insurance for the whole period of studies
  9. After arrival to BUT – sign an agreement and pay tuition fee (1150euro per semester)
  10. Please send all documents to a.gniazdowska [at] pb.edu.pl
All courses offered to Erasmus students are taught in English. The course catalogue is available in the IRK2 – an online system of BUT for international students: https://irk2.uci.pb.edu.pl/en-gb/

You can choose courses from all BUT faculties, no matter what you are studying.

The description of the subjects: https://pb.edu.pl/erasmus-course-catalogue/

Bialystok University of Technology has adapted European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
The table below shows correspondence between ECTS and local grading scale.

ECTS grade Local grade Definition
A 5 EXCELLENT – outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 4,5 VERY GOOD – above the average standard but with some errors
C 4 GOOD – generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 3,5 SATISFACTORY – fair but significant shortcomings
E 3 SUFFICIENT – performance meets the minimum criteria
F 2 FAIL – some more work required before the credit can be awarded
FX 2 FAIL – considerable further work is required

Faculty of Architecture – Erasmus students

Katarzyna Matyszewska-Fuszara, MA Eng. Arch.
room 117 – 1st floor (Faculty of Architecture)
wa.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl  

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences 

Civil Engineering, Spatial Economy (Spatial Planning), Lanscape Architecture
Natalia Stankiewicz, PhD Eng.
room 66-B (Faculty of Civil Eng. and Environmental Sciences)
wb.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl  
Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection, Biotechnology, Forestry
Piotr Rynkowski, PhD Eng.
room 73-B (new building of Faculty of Civil Eng. and Environmental Sciences)
wnos.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl  

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Automatics and Robotics
Joanna Mystkowska, Ph.D Eng.
room 303 (Faculty of Mechanical Eng.)
wm.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl;

Secretary (Faculty of Mechanical Eng.)
Joanna Czarnecka
room 108 (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
j.czarnecka [at] pb.edu.pl;

Faculty of Engineering Management

Engineering Management (Erasmus students)
Aleksandra Gulc, PhD
room 110 KS (Faculty of Management in Kleosin)
wiz.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl  


Faculty of Computer Science

Computer Science (Foreign Erasmus students)
Joanna Karbowska-Chilińska, PhD
Room 236 (Rector Building)
wi.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering
Jarosław Forenc, PhD Eng.
we.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl


Foreign Language Centre

Polish language course, foreign language courses
Małgorzata Komarewska, MA
room 6, second floor CNK Building
sjo.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Deadlines for submitting the applications:

      • 15th July – for the autumn semester
      • 15th January – for the spring semester
      1. Register in IRK2: https://irk2.uci.pb.edu.pl/pl/
      2. Prepare Learning Agreement online in IRK- choose courses from academic year 2023/2024 and click on “Apply with current LA”.
        If there are no more places available for the course you have chosen, ask a faculty coordinator for an extra place (Faculty coordinators)
        Max. number of credits per one semester: 30 ECTS.
        Documents without the online application cannot be accepted, because the online system is used for booking places in the courses you select.
        – Read Annex: End Notes before completing Learning Agreement for Studies.
        – Read about photo requirements.
      3. Send us by e-mail a good quality colour scan (PDF files) of Learning Agreement for Studies signed by you and signed and stamped by your coordinator (printed from the IRK system).
        You don`t have to send us original documents by post, a good quality colour scan is fine 🙂
        Send your documents to a.gniazdowska [at] pb.edu.pl.

During your stay at BUT

      1. You have 2 weeks after your classes have started to modify your LA.
      2. Ask your university coordinator and BUT coordinator by email, if you can make changes to LA.
        (It’s important to make sure, that the new subjects you’d like to add are still available during this academic year).
      3. Fill in and download the during mobility document –> Changes-to-Learning-Agreement-NON-DEGREE (DOC, 103 KB)
      4. Please send us by email your Changes to LA signed by you and your university and we’ll take care about the rest of the procedure.

P.S: If you would like to prolong your stay for the 2nd semester, do the same as above, preparing the document Changes to the original LA.


IMPORTANT: Please, don’t forget to fill in all the blanks in the document (Changes to LA), to help us expedite contact with your university and receive the signature as soon as possible.

Also do not rewrite the code, the letter at the end is extremely important information for us (W – winter or S – summer). 

      • Before your departure home, you must come to our International Relations Office (“Erasmus office”):
      • a) Bring us Final circulating card signed and stamped – download it below!
        Check out the instruction:
      • You will have your Certificate of Attendance signed. This document is to verify the exact dates of your stay at BUT. Certificate of Attendance can be prepared by BUT or by your university. If it is prepared by your university, its name can be different (e.g. Letter of Confirmation, Certificate of Erasmus Stay etc.). You should download it from your university website, print it and bring this paper for us to sign. It can also be the same document where you proved your arrival (e.g. Certificate of Arrival/Departure).
      • When our office receives all your grades from teachers, we will prepare Transcript of Records and send to you and to your university.

The whole procedure takes normally no more than 5 weeks.