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Interested in internship?

Here you can find more information.

Check our offer and apply for internship! Deadline for application is November, 30th.

Regulations for internship at Bialystok University of Technology (PDF, wersja dostępna cyfrowo, 423 KB)
Internship Offer at BUT, Poland (PDF, wersja dostępna cyfrowo, 14 MB)



Interested in completing an internship at Bialystok University of Technology?

Please write to Agnieszka Gniazdowska: a.gniazdowska [at] pb.edu.pl with information when you would like to come and what education field are you interested in. Attach Cover Letter, CV and Transcript of Records.

There is no deadline for submission of documents, recruitment is on a continuous basis.

If we find a supervisor, calculate the cost and establish the internship programme , you will be asked to send us Letter of Recommendation from your University.

Remember! You must be insured for the whole period of internship. Deliver us copy of health and personal accident insurance (damages caused to the trainee at the workplace) and liability insurance (damages caused by the trainee at the workplace).

In this option you arrange everything on your own – you find the company, discuss if you have to pay them or they pay you, or it ma be for free.University does not do anything with this internship. The employer gives you Certificate.


EU Erasmus+ (outgoing)

Marta Orpik

m.orpik [at] pb.edu.pl

EU Erasmus+ (incoming)

Servando Herrera Zuazo

s.zuazo [at] pb.edu.pl


Non-EU Erasmus+

Agnieszka Gniazdowska, MSc

a.gniazdowska [at] pb.edu.pl