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Full-Time Students

Check out our full-time study offer

Faculties offering courses for international full time students:


Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 45E, Wiejska St., 15-351 Białystok
+48 (85) 746 95 60, / +48 (85) 746 95 59
Faculty coordinator: Julita Krassowska, PhD Eng.
j.krassowska [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 45D, Wiejska St., 15-351 Białystok
+48 (85) 746 93 60, / +48 (85) 746 94 00
Faculty coordinator: Andu Dukpa, PhD Eng.
a.dukpa [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Computer Science, 45A, Wiejska St., 15-351 Białystok
Faculty coordinator: ……………….
……………. [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 45C, Wiejska St., 15-351 Białystok
+48 503 737 627
Faculty coordinator: Augustyniak Jakub, PhD Eng.
j.augustyniak [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Engineering Management, 2, Ojca Stefana Tarasiuka St., 16-001 Kleosin-Białystok
+48 (85) 746 98 75
Contact person: Yauheniya Barkun, MA
y.barkun [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Course Level Tuition per semester Intake
Architecture Architecture Master 1530 February
Interior design Master 1530 February
Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences Civil engineering  Bachelor 1200 February & October
Master 1200 February & October
Environmental engineering Bachelor 1200 February & October
Master 1200 February & October
Electrical Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications Master 1300 February
Electrical Engineering Master 1300 February
Automatic Control and Robotics Bachelor 1300 October
Master 1300 February
Computer Science Computer Science Master 2800 February
Engineering Management Management Master 1100 October
Logistics Master 1100 February
Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Bachelor 1200 October
Master 1200 February
There is no application fee at our university. After applying and being found eligible you will receive an offer letter with bank details for your tuition fee payment.Each student can get a full tuition fee refund (bank may charge some fees for the transfer) when they decide to withdraw their application, send a visa refusal note or are not able to get an appointment slot at an embassy. It takes the university up to two weeks to make the refund .
  • The application for winter semester of the academic year 2022/2023 started on March 31, 2022 and the deadline for sending documents is August 15, 2022.
  • the intake for summer semester of the academic year 2022/2023 starts on October 15, 2022 and the deadline for sending documents is January 15, 2023.
  1. Register in our online registration system and upload required documents.
    For initial verification we only need High School Diploma with marksheet  (BSc applicants) or Bachelor Degree with Transcript of Records (MSc/MA applicants).
  2. If your documents have been positively verified, arrange a Skype® interview via Calendly® (option available in the registration system). During the interview your language skills are verified.
  3. After succesful interview make tuition fee payment and upload missing documents.
  4. After completing the submission of documents you get admission and invitation letters (for visa purposes). 
  5. If for some reasons you are not granted a Polish visa, send us your visa refusal note and you will receive full refund of your tuition fee (bank may charge some fees for the transfer).
  6. If you received your visa you are welcome to come to BUT, submit hard copies of your documents and start your studies 🙂