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Blended Intensive Programme

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) are short intensive programs combining physical and virtual mobility, facilitating teamwork and exchange of experiences based on cooperative e-learning. Programs may include challenge-based learning where transnational and interdisciplinary teams work together to address certain challenges, for example related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals or other societal challenges faced by specific regions, cities or businesses. The BIP should have an added value compared to existing courses or training offered by participating HEIs and may take several years. By providing new and more flexible mobility formats combining physical and virtual mobility, blended intensive programs aim to reach out to all types of students from all backgrounds, disciplines and cycles of study. Short mixed intensive programs can be organized for learning, teaching and training for students and staff.

During mixed intensive programmes, groups of students and/or staff will undertake short-term physical mobility abroad combined with a compulsory virtual component.

The virtual component must provide a space for learners to work together and simultaneously online on specific tasks that form part of BIP and contribute to the overall learning outcomes.