International Relations Office

45A Wiejska St.
room 1C, 1/1C, 3C
15-351 Białystok


Head of the International Relations Office

Małgorzata Malinowska-Czuprys
Małgorzata Malinowska-Czuprys, MA
m.malinowska [at]  
+48 (85)746 9661, room 1C

Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

Vice Head of the International Relations Office

Katarzyna Kochaniak
Katarzyna Kochaniak, MA
k.kochaniak [at]  
+48 (85)746 9662, room 1/1C

Erasmus+ partner countries
International projects
Interinstitutional agreements
Official visits



Open Monday – Thursday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Servando Herrera Zuazo
Servando Herrera Zuazo, MA
s.zuazo [at]  
+48 (85)746 9047, room 3C
Erasmus+ programme countries
Incoming students; bilateral agreements

Artur Mazur
artur.mazur [at]  
+48 (85)746 7020, room 3C
Incoming full-time students
Scholarship programmes
Recruitment agencies
Marta Orpik
Marta Orpik
m.orpik [at]  
+48 (85)746 9044, room 3C
Erasmus+ programme and partner countries
Outgoing students (studies)
Double degree (outgoing)



Katarzyna Kilarji,BSc
k.kilarji [at]  
+48 (85)746 9044, room 3C
Incoming students from non-EU countries
Erasmus+ Outgoing traineeships
Maciej Piech
Maciej Piech, MSc
m.piech [at]  
+48 (85)746 9047, room 3C
Non-degree students (Freemovers),
Incoming traineeships


Open Monday – Thursday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Grażyna Jakimiuk
Grażyna Jakimiuk, MA
g.jakimiuk [at]  
+48 (85)746 9043, room 1C
Outgoing & incoming Erasmus+ partner countries staff mobility & other
Edyta Dudzińska
Edyta Dudzińska, MA
e.dudzinska [at]  
+48 (85)746 9043, room 1C
Outgoing Erasmus+ programme countries staff mobility & other

Emilia Lićwinko, MA
e.licwinko [at]  
+48 (85)746 7010, room 1C
International projects
Incoming staff mobility programme countries
Anna Ulitko-Ławicka
Anna Ulitko-Ławicka, MA
a.lawicka [at]  
+48 (85)746 7028, room 1/1C
Financial issues
International projects
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