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Bialystok University of Technology campus encompasses student residence halls with beds for 2400 students and a University Staff Hotel with accommodation for 600 persons. The halls offer their accommodation facilities not only to BUT students and employees but also to students of other institutions of higher education and visitors to the city of Bialystok. The Student Residence Halls comprise six apartments on each floor each composed of two double and two triple rooms including toilets and bathrooms. All international students at BUT who apply in time are guaranteed university accommodation. Informations about prices and regulations.
Application form for accommodation: https://akademiki.bialystok.pl/index.php/application-form-for-accommodation/
Important: The students who do not submit the form before the deadline will be forced to seek accommodation off-campus.

Chill-out rooms

Check out our chill-out zones in the dormitories – TV room, football table, darts, ping pong table. That’s a perfect place where you can relax, meet new friends, organize a potluck dinner, or just Indulge in your favorite book while sitting in a comfortable bean bag chair.

The chill-out room is located in the Beta and Gamma dormitories. They are open 7 days a week, holidays including, from 7 am to 10 pm.