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Faculty Erasmus Coordinators

Faculty of Architecture

Monika Magdziak, PhD Eng. Arch. (incoming Erasmus students)
room 215 – 2nd floor – Faculty of Architecture
wa.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Anna Naumiuk-Jakuc (outgoing Erasmus students)
room 28 – 2nd floor – Faculty of Architecture
wa.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences

Civil Engineering, Spatial Economy (Spatial Planning), Landscape Architecture

Natalia Stankiewicz, PhD Eng.
room 66-BFaculty of Civil Eng. and Environmental Sciences
wb.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection, Biotechnology, Forestry

Piotr Rynkowski, PhD Eng.
room 73-BFaculty of Civil Eng. and Environmental Sciences
wnos.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Automatics and Robotics

Joanna Mystkowska, PhD Eng, DSc, Assoc. Prof.
room 303Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
wm.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Secretary (Faculty of Mechanical Eng.)

Joanna Czarnecka
room 108 – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
j.czarnecka [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Engineering Management

Management (incoming Erasmus students)

Aleksandra Gulc, PhD
room 110 KSFaculty of Engineering Management
wiz.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Management (outgoing Erasmus students)

Joanna Szydło, PhD
room 213 KFFaculty of Engineering Management
j.szydlo [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Computer Science

Computer Science (incoming Erasmus students)

Joanna Karbowska-Chilińska, PhD
Room 236Rectorate Building
wi.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Computer Science (outgoing Erasmus students)

Ewa Girejko, PhD
Room 117Rectorate Building
wi.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Jarosław Forenc, PhD Eng.
we.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl

Foreign Language Centre

Polish language course, foreign language courses

Małgorzata Komarewska, MA
room 6second floor CNK Building
sjo.erasmus [at] pb.edu.pl