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Course catalogue

All courses offered to Erasmus students are taught in English. The course catalogue is available in the IRK2 – the online system of BUT for international students: https://irk2.uci.pb.edu.pl/en-gb/
You can choose courses from all BUT faculties, no matter what you are studying.

The requirement and description of the subjects can be found here https://pb.edu.pl/erasmus-course-catalogue/

It’s mandatory to contact the Faculty Coordinator after your arrival, to check the availability of the subjects.  Those subject with less than 4 students in the group won’t be available. 

Bialystok University of Technology has adapted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
The table below shows correspondence between ECTS and local grading scale.


ECTS grade Local grade Definition
A 5 EXCELLENT – outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 4,5 VERY GOOD – above the average standard but with some errors
C 4 GOOD – generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 3,5 SATISFACTORY – fair but significant shortcomings
E 3 SUFFICIENT – performance meets the minimum criteria
F 2 FAIL – some more work required before the credit can be awarded
FX 2 FAIL – considerable further work is required