Changes to LA

During your stay at BUT

  1. You have 2 weeks after your classes have started to modify your LA.
  2. Ask your university coordinator and BUT coordinator, by email, if you can make changes to LA.
  3. Ask us by email ( m.piech [at] to unlock your IRK2 profile.
  4. You make changes in the IRK2, but you prepare the document Changes to LA (below!) with the same courses as in IRK2 (the same name, code, no. of ECTS etc.). Rememeber to read the Annex before you modify your LA.
  5. Bring to our office Changes to LA signed and stamped by the faculty coordinator in Poland.
  6. We will send a scan to your university and to you. We will wait for your university signature.

If you would like to prolong your stay for the 2nd semester, do the same as above, but prepare the document Changes to LA – to stay at BUT for the 2nd semester (below!).

“Table C” in this document has to be completed with courses from IRK2 and “Table D” with the courses from your university.


The Vice-Rector for Education
and International Cooperation

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
Assoc. Prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng.

+48 (85)746-90-82

prorektor.ksztalcenie [at]

Head of International Relations Office

Małgorzata Malinowska-Czuprys, MA

(85) 85 746-96-61

m.malinowska [at]

International Relations Office

Maciej Piech, MSc

(85) 85 746-90-47

m.piech [at]
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