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Test of English for International Communication

Nowadays, with an increasingly globalised economy and work culture, English has become the global lingua-franca for the corporate world. Recruiters for in demand positions are attracted to profiles that show a high ability of English language. Your grasp of a foreign language matters as much as your diplomas and past professional experiences when it comes to catching the attention of your future employer. It will be a real opportunity to boost your CV!

Nonetheless, you would need to actually prove your English level for it to work, which is only possible during a job interview. The best solution for you would be to certify your English level from the moment recruiters look at your CV. The TOEIC test can help proving your English level. Read more.

Learn a bit more about the TOEIC exam.

Have you ever wondered why English matters?

Read how TOEIC can help you in your career here.

Take free online TOEIC practice test.

Since November 2018, Bialystok University of Technology has been an authorised ETS Global test centre, the only one of its kind in our region.

Employees, students and graduates of BUT, take the test on preferential price conditions. A separate discount is also available to students from outside our university. All candidates register for the test on the ETS Global website, where you can also find out more about the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test.

The TOEIC® exam coordinator at Bialystok University of Technology is Małgorzata Komarewska  m.komarewska@pb.edu.pl.

The good news is that you cannot fail the TOEIC® exam. It measures language competences at levels A1 to C1, and candidates are given a score on a scale of 10-990. It is a multiple-choice test divided into two parts: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. Each section consists of 100 test questions.
Listening comprehension lasts 45 minutes and consists of 4 sections (picture interpretation, questions and answers, dialogues and longer statements).
Reading comprehension lasts 75 minutes and consists of 3 sections (sentence completion, error recognition and text analysis).
The whole examination session lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

TOEIC exam grades:
B2 level:
700-784  pass
785-819  good
820-944  very good
945 – 999 very good annotated with “C1 level of English”