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What is EnglishScore?

EnglishScore is the British Council’s global test and certificate of English for employment. The test is taken by over 2 million people every year across over 150 countries.

With EnglishScore, you can assess your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills all from your mobile phone.

Bialystok University of Technology is an EnglishScore Approved Partner, which means you are entitled to 25% off a certificate when you enter voucher code PL-BUT-25 after completing the test.

How it works

The EnglishScore Core Skills Test, which assesses grammar, reading and listening, takes around 40 minutes. Getting started is quick and easy and you’ll receive your results instantly.

Speaking and Writing tests are also available, with each taking approximately 30 minutes and results available within 24 hours.

To get started:

  1. Download the app on Android or iOS
  2. Take the Core Skills Test
  3. Enter voucher code: PL-BUT-25 to receive your discount
  4. (Optional) You can also take the Speaking and Writing Tests and certify those results

You can prepare for the tests by reading our test guides (Core Skills and Speaking)

Easy guide


EnglishScore awards an internationally recognised CEFR level from A2-C1 along with a more granular EnglishScore between 0-599. You will receive a CEFR level and EnglishScore for each test (Core Skills, Speaking and Writing).

Here are how the scores align:

A2: 200-299

B1: 300-399

B2: 400-499

C1: 500-599

Why get an EnglishScore Certificate?

  • Internationally recognised: Get a globally recognised English certificate from the British Council
  • Accurate and reliable: Built by assessment experts, the results are accurate and trusted
  • Convenient and quick: Take the English exam anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone
  • Save money: EnglishScore is more affordable than other well-known English language exams

As an Approved Partner, Bialystok University of Technology students are entitled to a 25% discount on an EnglishScore certificate. Simply enter voucher code PL-BUT-25 after completing the test in order to claim your discount.

The regular price of a digital certificate is only $19.99, the paper certificate mailed to your home $49.99.

Share it with us!

Once you have received your certificate, please make it available using Connect Code: PL-BUT-SHARE. When you click on “Certificate” in the application, a preview of the certificate (with the possibility of sharing) will be shown. At the bottom of the page you will see the red text “Share score with a Connect Code”. Click on this, enter your first name, last name and the PL-BUT-SHARE code and confirm with “Apply Code”.



The EnglishScore coordinator at BUT: Joanna Nazarko, joanna.nazarko [at] pb.edu.pl.


Visit the official EnglishScore website.