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About us

Foreign Language Centre at Bialystok University of Technology provides language courses to students and staff of the University.

We offer a variety of courses customized to the needs of our students:

  • Polish – courses popular with our Erasmus students and courses within Polish Lab for anyone who is interested (also from outside the University),
  • English – general, technical and business English courses for BUT students (B1 – C1 levels),
  • Russian – courses at B2 level for BUT students,
  • German – courses at A1 and B2 level for  BUT students
  • Spanish – courses at A1 for BUT students.

Most of our courses are at B2 level as every student has to provide foreign language certification at that level to be able to graduate, according to the university regulation.

Students have a choice of taking a variety of language exams, both commercial and university ones. Check our offer.

There are three types of English classes that students can choose from: general, technical and business.

We are experts in specialist technical language.
We educate highly qualified future engineers.
We assist our students in entering the international job market.

Apart from our basic work, we organize competitions, quizzes and other events for students.

Our EILC intensive courses of Polish won the prestigious 1st prize in the EDUinspiration national competition. Congratulations to our teachers Alina Jabłońska Domurat and Elżbieta Sieńko, the organizers of the project.

If you have any questions

regarding classes, please contact 


BUT Erasmus+ coordinator

Sylwia Dobkowska

 85 746 90 69

s.dobkowska [at] pb.edu.pl

CNK – 2nd floor, room 04

regarding cooperation and other issues,
please contact 

Head of Foreign Language Centre

Michał Citko

 85 746-90-61

 m.citko [at] pb.edu.pl

CNK – 2nd floor, room 13

How to find us

We are in the new CNK building, which  is commonly referred to as the Library.

Foreign Language Centre is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building.

The main office is room 12 on the second floor.

The address is: 16 Zwierzyniecka Street; 15-333 Białystok.

sjo [at] pb.edu.pl

(+48) 85 746 90 21

(+48) 85 746 90 61