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Local info

A small city with big appeal, Bialystok is a charming Polish town. Visit the impressive Branickis’ Palace or admire the beautiful 19th-century architecture of Warszawska Street or follow the historic Jewish Heritage Trail.

Top Things to See in Bialystok


The Podlasie Province

Białystok, with its nearly 300 thousand inhabitants, is the biggest city of north-eastern Poland and the capital of the Podlasie Province. The Podlasie Province is known as the green lungs of Poland owing to its unique ecological assets. In the vicinity of Białystok there are a lot of natural and historical complexes, unique on the European scale. There are, above all, the Białowieża National Park – the mainstay of aurochs in Europe, the Narew National Park – the mainstay of many extremely rare species of water and marsh birds, the Biebrza National Park – the largest valley bog complex in Central Europe, the Wigry National Park with Wigry lake – the second deepest lake in Poland,the Knyszyn Forest Landscape Park – the primeval forest adjacent to Białystok, the Łomża Landscape Park of Narew Valley and the Suwałki Landscape Park. These places of great scenic beauty attract not only tourists, but also photographers and film makers looking for exceptional setting for their works. Such films as Chronicles of Narnia, Nad Niemnem or Pan Tadeusz were partially made in the Podlasie Province. You may find more useful information on the Podlasie Province at the following websites:


Białystok city

According to the legend, the history of Białystok began in 1320, when Lithuanian prince Gedymin was on an aurochs hunt in the woods. While he was resting over a stream, someone told him “What a clear, white stok. You could build a hunting court here or even set a village”. In those days stok meant a small brook that runs down the hill. The brook is here also today, known as the Biała River (the White River). Undoubtedly the most precious monument of Białystok architecture is the 18th century Branicki Palace. Its shape is the reflection of kindly ambitions of the great hetman Jan Klemens Branicki. Its richness resembled the baroque palaces of French kings, hence its name the Versaille of Podlasie.
The official Białystok website:

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Bus public transportation in Białystok
Buses run from 5.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m. every day. You may buy local single tickets in kiosks RUCH all over the country. In Bialystok it costs 2,80 PLN. If you buy a ticket in a bus, then the price is 3,5 PLN. There are also: one-day ticket (10,00 PLN), three-day ticket (16,00 PLN).
Bus public transportation in Białystok