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LanguageCert LTE

  • LanguageCert LTE is a reputable international language exam conducted in over 180 countries worldwide.
  • The exam is aimed at those who wish to have official proof of their language competence, including students, graduates, PhD students, employees and anyone planning to study or work in the global market. It is acknowledged by educational institutions and employers around the world. 
  • LanguageCert LTE is a reliable and up to date exam that you can take at home or in the office without the need to travel to and from the test centre.
  • The exam date depends solely on your preferences – you can choose any time and date, and you can change it at no charge with a minimum of 48-hour notice.
  • This computer-based exam is an adaptive test, which means that the examiners adapt questions to the candidate’s level.
  • During the examination, you can score from 0 to 100 points that translate into one of the six language levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference established by the Council of Europe) – from A1 to C2 according to the table.
  • The preliminary exam results are given immediately after the exam. You will receive the official certificate and result report within 2-3 working days in the electronic form and within 1-2 weeks on paper.
  • The authenticity of the certificate can be verified at any given time on the LanguageCert website, which significantly increases its credibility in the eyes of the employer.


The Cost of the Exam

Bialystok University of Technology offers a 25% discount on the LTE Certificate

The fee is paid directly to the exam organiser.

The cost of the exam without the discount: EUR 135 

The cost of the exam after the discount: EUR 101.25



Registration and the Course of the Exam

  • Candidates pay for the exam on the LanguageCert website
  • Candidates take the LTE exam remotely (online using the Exam Shield software, which they receive from the exam organiser).
  • Candidates connect with the examiner in real-time. The examiner supervises the exam via shared camera view and microphone sound.
  • Candidates are asked to show a valid photo ID before the test begins.
  • The exam software (Exam Shield) blocks access to other computer resources. It allows candidates to have access only to the exam tasks, thus ensuring reliable and credible results.


Sample Exam Questions 1

Sample Exam Questions 2


How to Register for the LanguageCert LTE Exam

Help with the Registration