About the Conference

The Scientific Conference “Tourism in environmentally valuable areas” is a joint annual partner undertaking of the Institute of Forest Sciences of Bialystok University of Technology and the Kronenberg Institute – Foundation for the Future of Protected Areas. It is the most significant conference in north-eastern Poland and one of the few recurrent scientific events devoted to the protection of naturally and culturally valuable areas and the broadly understood tourism economy in the country.
The “Tourism in environmentally valuable areas” conference is also an important venue for promoting the values of national parks and landscape parks. The promotional dimension of the event serves to strengthen the networking processes between nature conservation institutions, cultural heritage conservation institutions, science and local governments. The scientific and practical results achieved during the conference are a source of research topics and projects related to natural and cultural heritage capital and management processes in environmentally valuable areas.

The conference is a unique event that has successfully combined dialogue on natural and cultural heritage, debate on doctrinal documents with the search for implementation recommendations for many years.
The implementation of this interdisciplinary scientific conference, unique on a national scale, is guided by the concern for sustainable development in the context of integrated planning combining social and economic priorities with the area of environmental issues.

The 8th edition of the conference taking place this year will be held under the slogan “Natural environment and cultural heritage as an area of decisions and actions.”.

It will be held on 28-29-30 November 2022, in the on-line form that will allow interested scientists and experts from Poland and abroad to participate. 

Honorary Patronage of The VIII Scientific Conference “Tourism in environmentally valuable areas” was taken by: 

  • the Minister of Education and Science
  • the Minister of Sport and Tourism
  • the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy
  • the Minister of Development and Technology
  • Polish National Commission for UNESCO
  • Polish National Committee of International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS-POLAND
  • the Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship
  • the Voivode of Podlasie
  • the General Director of State Forests
  • the General Director of Environmental Protection
  • Pthe President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
  • the Rector of Bialystok University of Technology
  • the President of the Polish Tourist Organization
  • the Director of the National Heritage Board of Poland