Going back home

  1. Before your departure home, you must come to our International Relations Office (“Erasmus office”):

    • a) Bring us Final circulating card signed and stamped – download it below!
      Check out the instruction:
    • Bring us filled in Student survey – download it below or come to our office to pick it up!
    • You will have your Certificate of Attendance signed. This document is to verify the exact dates of your stay at BUT – Erasmus student will receive their Erasmus grant according to this document.Certificate of Attendance can be prepared by BUT or by your university. If it is prepared by your university, its name can be different (e.g. Letter of Confirmation, Certificate of Erasmus Stay etc.). You should download it from your university website, print it and bring this paper for us to sign.It can also be the same document where you proved your arrival (e.g. Certificate of Arrival/Departure).
  2. When our office receives all your grades from teachers, we will prepare Transcript of Records and give it for signature to your coordinator at BUT. After that, we send a scan to you and to your university and the original to your university.

The whole procedure takes normally no more than 5 weeks.


The Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
Assoc. Prof. Dorota Anna Krawczyk, DSc, PhD, Eng.

(85) 85 746-90-82

prorektor.wspolpraca [at]

Head of International Relations Office

Małgorzata Malinowska-Czuprys, MA

(85) 85 746-96-61

m.malinowska [at]

International Relations Office

Maciej Piech, MSc

(85) 85 746-90-47

m.piech [at]
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