About us

Foreign Language Centre at Bialystok University of Technology is one of the university units. We provide language courses to students and staff of the University.

We offer a variety of courses customized to the needs of our students:

  • Polish – these are mainly beginner’s level (A1) and are popular with our Erasmus students,
  • English – we run general, technical and business English courses mainly at B2 and C1 levels,
  • Russian – courses at B2 level for Polish students,
  • German – courses at B2 level for Polish students.

Most of our courses are at B2 level as, according to the university regulation, every student has to provide foreign language certification at that level to be able to graduate.

Students have a choice of taking a standard language exam or a special examination called Foreign Language Centre Certificate. There are three types of exams in English that students can choose from: general, technical and business; as well as B2 examinations in general Russian and German. Each exam is developed and administered by a special team of our teachers.

Apart from our basic work, we organize competitions, quizzes and other events for the students.

Our EILC intensive courses of Polish won the prestigious 1st prize in the EDUinspiration national competition. Congratulations to our teachers Alina Jabłońska Domurat and Elżbieta Sieńko, the organizers of the project.


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