Institute of Forest Sciences of Bialystok University of Technology in the latest release of QGIS

To the layman, the name may not mean anything, but experts are certainly familiar with it. Because the QGIS system in the field of geoinformation matches the popularity of the software of many leading companies. This is such an MS office in the field of office applications, or Adobe for graphics. For that reason, it makes it even more satisfactory that the Institute of Forest Sciences of Bialystok University of Technology is present in this world-famous geographic information system.

 QGIS is one of the widely used geographic information systems (GIS), also referred to as spatial information systems (SIP), available in many languages. This software supports collecting, analysing, processing and visualising (graphical representation) of a variety of data of the Earth’s surface, used e.g. in spatial management, environmental protection and forestry.

Each release of the system has a different geographical name, the latest one is “Białowieża”. The Institute of Forest Sciences is in this release, in the elite group of other institutions not without a reason.

In the Institute of Forest Sciences SIP software is used for research of the forest environment and for practical studies in the field of forest management and nature protection. SIP serves scientists and practitioners e.g. for remote sensing, i.e. obtaining information on the diversity of forest habitats and stands based on aerial, satellite and laser scanning. On this basis, the following activities are possible: determination (and mapping) of natural habitat characteristics, assessment of the suitability of the site for specific needs, hydrological analyses, determination of the characteristics of trees and stands (e.g. related to their health) – explains Dan Wołkowycki, PhD from the Department of Forest Environment and adds that the latest release of QGIS was named “Białowieża” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Białowieża National Park and protection of the Białowieża Forest.

On this occasion, the project website was enriched with notes on scientific institutions using SIP in research conducted in the Białowieża Forest, together with examples of spatial data compilations. The Institute of Forest Sciences is in the narrow group of two national parks and four scientific institutions. – says the expert from the Institute of Forest Sciences at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

Latest release of QGIS:

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