The history and development of the Bialystok Technical University Library has been closely related to the history of the university itself. It was founded on the collection of two thousand books acquired in 1951 from NOT ( Polish Federation of Engineering Associations).

Library and its organizational structure:

The library of Bialystok Technical University is the biggest scientific and technical library in the north-eastern region of Poland. Since 1951 it has collected over 346 000 library documents (books, magazines, norms, specifications, professional literature) in the fields of technical, scientific and social sciences. The BTU library information system comprises the Main Library and the Faculty Libraries of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, Architecture ,Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management, Environmental Management in Hajnówka and BTU Education Branch in Suwałki. The duty of the Main Library is to provide all university staff and students with an easy access to scientific and educational publications whereas the Faculty Libraries cater for specific organizational units and build book collections to suit their specialist needs.

Library services:

The  items collected in the library network may be used by  those interested in technical literature on conditions specified in the library rules and regulations. The library reading rooms with their on-the-spot collections have a total of  327 seats. The library  caters for about 12, 000 students and 1300 university staff members. It is fully computerized and since 1997 it has been the only one in Poland to offer scanned tables of contents and front pages or covers of  some chosen publishers thus making it possible for the users to quickly find the required materials via the Internet. A significant  addition of the library collection is formed by full-text  periodical and e-book databases. BTU students and staff  may access the following journal services : ELSEVIER, EBSCO, SPRINGER, IEEE and WILEY and e-books from: Knovel Library, Referex  Engineering and MyiLibrary. The list of e-publications “AtoZ” created  in 2005 allows the user to simultaneously search all the electronic journal services offered by the Library. In 2006 the BTU Library activated a remote access system to electronic books and journals  as well as international database of bibliographic information and abstract records to be used by both  BTU academic staff , PhD  and diploma students.

The library has also created the following databases to archive the University’s scientific and research work:

•    Publications by BTU workers,
•    BTU scientific and research works,
•    Press articles on BTU

Furthermore  the BTU Library has been cooperating with other science and technology libraries to create the following nationwide bibliographic and abstract databases :

•    SYMPO (conference materials);
•    BAZTECH (periodical technical papers);
•    SYNABA (research and scientific works).

At the Library,  there is also an  Information Standardization Unit authorized by the Polish Committee for Standardization which provides services concerning the enquiries dealing with  standardization and selling standardization products. Since 2006 the BTU library  together with other Bialystok  scientific libraries has been operating within the Podlasie Digital Library system that enables a wide range of users quick access to its digitized resources.


Main Library
Address : Zwierzyniecka 16, 15-333 Białystok
tel. +48 85 746 9330
tel./fax. +48 85 746 93 29

Director :
Joanna Putko, MA  – Diploma Custodian

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