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Catholic churches in Białystok (with the imposing modern St. Roch’s and the 17th century church with its neo-gothic addition – the cathedral), Łomża (with the gothic St. Michael Archangel’s Cathedral or St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral founded by princess Ann Mazovian in 1504-1525), churches in Tykocin, Bielsk Podlaski, Siemiatycze, Choroszcz.

Orthodox churches: the cathedrals in Białystok, Bielsk Podlaski, The Holy Trinity church in Hajnówka or the church at the Holy Grabarka Mountain restored after the fire (the pilgrimage centre of the Polish Orthodox community).

Regional museums in Białystok, Łomża (housing the best-known amber collection of the Narew River basin) and in Tykocin (with the 17th century synagogue and a Talmud House).

The restored palaces, like the Branicki family residence, given the name of “The Versailles of the North” (the seat of Medical Academy), the Buchholtz Palace in Supraśl, the Summer Palace in Choroszcz.

The Folklore Museum in Osowicze (near Białystok) and Nowogród (near Łomża), where you can find a great collection of the local folk art and typical examples of peasant houses and farm buildings characteristic of the region.

Scenery Park of the Knyszyn Forest (woods, peatbogs, springs, 154 bird species, lynxes, elks, stags, foxes, wild boars, badgers and beavers). There are 20 sanctuaries within the Knyszyn Forest.

Białowieża National Park (awarded with  the European Council Certificate) with its 1200 plant species and animals like European bisons, elks, stags, wild boars, wolves, grey squirrels and  otters. There are many marked tourist routes within the Park.
The Narew National Park (the home of some unique bird species in Europe). The Narew swamps are inhabited by elks, roe-deer, foxes, badgers, martens, hares and fish like pikes, perches and tenches. The area is very popular among  anglers.

The Biebrza National Park (the biggest peaty and swampy area in Europe) with its wild landscape, rivers and streams, plenty of fish and its peaceful atmosphere is a paradise for nature lovers and those who seek rest.

Suwalki Scenery Park, called “Little Switzerland” with its well marked tourist routes ideal for walking and cycling.

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