On 1 December 1949, the Minister of Education established the Private Evening Engineering College that, after a few transformations, later became Bialystok University of Technology. Now, after 68 years of operation, BUT is one of the major universities in Poland and – owing to the achievements of its staff and students – it is also recognised abroad. BUT has about 8,500 students and nearly 1400 researchers, teachers, and administrative staff.

This year, the University celebrated its anniversary on 30 November. The ceremony started with the speech of the Rector, Prof. Lech Dzienis.

Bohdan Paszkowski, Governor of the Podlaskie Province, presented state awards: Gold and Silver Crosses of Merit as well as Medals for Long Service. Bozena Dzitkowska, Bialystok Deputy Education Officer, awarded Commission of National Education medals for special merits in education. Awards for Merit to Bialystok University of Technology were also given.

Last year, Faculty Councils of our University granted DSc degrees to 7 employees, and PhD degrees in technical sciences to 17 researchers who now received diplomas from the Rector and Deans, and later took the oath.

On this special day we bid farewell to 43 persons who retired from BUT; these persons were given commemorative statuettes.

We also got to know the best students and doctoral students of Bialystok University of Technology, as well as the Best BUT University Teacher of 2017.

As usual, The Alumni Association of Bialystok University of Technology granted their Golden Alumnus distinctions to, among others, Prof. Michal Boltryk, PhD, DSc, Eng, Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (in the category of Science) and Michal Grzes, Eng, co-creator of the Photon educational robot (in the category of Inventor).

The final element of the event was decorating the Super Students of our University, i.e. members of the SumoMasters team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Maciej Wysocki, Krystian Chojnowski, Marek Klimowicz, and Bartosz Pawlow, who construct robots and win awards at prestigious competitions. The SumoMasters team came first and third at the international RobotChallenge 2017 in China.

Traditionally, the highlight of the ceremony was a concert of the Choir of Bialystok University of Technology, conducted by Prof. Wioletta Milkowska.


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