The India International Foundation will help Bialystok University of Technology to find partner universities in India and will promote our offer among students from this country.

Representatives of the Foundation, Ashok Mannani, President, and Maharshi Shah, Vice President, came to Bialystok University of Technology on 27 June. They talked to Prof. Lech Dzienis, BUT Rector, Iwona Skoczko, PhD habil., Eng, Rector’s Proxy for Foreign Students Recruitment, and Krystyna Murawska-Sitko from the International Relations Office, about BUT programmes taught in English. They also visited some workshops and laboratories at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Library, and students’ hostels.

Prof. Lech Dzienis explained how the cooperation with the Indian side started: ‘In May, I paid a few-day visit to the Gujarat province, together with a few representatives of Polish universities associated in the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, on the Ambassador of India’s invitation. It was there where we started talking about a system solution regarding cooperation with Indian universities. The India International Foundation co-organised this visit, and in the future it will mediate between universities in Poland and India. Gujarat is the wealthiest Indian province, with almost 200 universities, so there are many potential partners.’

The India International Foundation is a few years old and it operates in Warsaw, developing Polish-Indian cooperation, and promoting the Polish and Indian cultures. Together with Polish universities, it wants to make a detailed map that will make contacts between university teachers and students easier, and will help them choose fields of studies. A meeting of university representatives interested in accepting students from India will be held by the Foundation in Warsaw on 30 July.

Bialystok University of Technology has already signed a bilateral contract with Indian Gujarat Forensic Sciences University – a university with a unique educational profile devoted to forensic and investigative sciences. The authorities of our University have also signed a letter of intent with the Gujarat Technological University.



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