It had been built for many weeks by students of Bialystok University of Technology. Each Faculty had a special team whose task was to prepare one element of the whole structure. The teams were working independently and they hadn’t known each other’s projects until the final meeting. There was one condition – for the ‘machine’ to work, the projects had to interlock like cogwheels. Students from the Secondary School of our University and journalists from the Akadera Radio Station also joined the constructors from the 7 BUT Faculties. A few dozen people were working on this crazy and demanding challenge, the ‘BUT Machine’. The constructed structure led to an effective final, using the chain reaction principle. The whole operation was filmed, and the effects have been available on the Intenet (e.g. on the BUT Facebook profile) since 29 May. The film was first shown on 27 May, during the final concert of the ‘Juwenalia’ Students’ Festival.

The film premiere was a perfect occasion for BUT to present a new advertising slogan: You to the power. Its layout emphasises the relationship of Mathematics and exact sciences with technical universities. The advert also shows that Bialystok University of Technology is open to ambitious young people who are not afraid of challenges. You to the power symbolises great opportunities waiting for future students of our University. At the time of the higher education reform, Bialystok University of Technology puts quality first, and invites talented young people to study here. During the admission process, candidates’ academic results and achievements to date will be taken into consideration. We are waiting for creative and talented students.

The advertising campaign is part of the Development Strategy of Bialystok University of Technology, aiming at maintaining highest quality of education, modernising the university infrastructure, and building good relationships with BUT graduates.

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