We already know all the candidates for the title of the Podlachian Make. The competition promises to be particularly close because as many as 178 initiatives (including projects that have already promoted our University in Poland and abroad) compete for the Award of the Marshall of Podlaskie Voivodeship.

One of the projects in the category of ‘Discovery’ is MATIA or the ‘artificial eye’ invented and constructed by Petros Psyllos. MATIA detects and recognises objects in front of its users with blindness and visual impairment, reads texts, an can even call for help. The system has already received awards during innovation fairs in France and the United States, and its creator has been listed in the top ranking of European technological innovators under 30 years of age. Petros Psyllos is a student of the Faculty of Computer Science of our University and receives a scholarship from the ‘Diamond Discoverers’ association initiated by Bialystok University of Technology. In March 2016, Petros Psyllos was a laureate of the ‘Best of the Best’ competition organised by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and in June he won the Polish edition of the ‘Innovator Under 35’ recognition bestowed by the MIT Technology Review magazine. It is worth remembering that the creator of the MATIA system represented Bialystok University of Technology and Poland in the world finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition with his invention.

In the largest category of ‘Event’ (as many as 42 candidates) we will support the Cerber Motorsport team from our Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Last year, our students constructed their third racing car, CMS-03, and successfully raced on European racing tracks in England, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Hungary. Our students’ vehicle was ranked at the very high 33rd position in the general classification of 547 teams. The Cerber Motorsport team are constructing their fourth racing car now.

Among the applications for the title of the Podlachian Make there are a few initiatives related to our University.

The category ‘Utility Product’ (21 candidates) for the Podlachian Make of the Year includes, among others, vegetable oil as self-contained fuel for Diesel engines from the ‘Malinowy Gaj’ Krzysztof Zembrowski Organic Farm, and SPIKE – a custom-made bicycle manufactured by MAD Bicycles. A vegetable oil press as well as a purification system have been installed in the organic farm owned by Mr Krzysztof Zembrowski as part of research conducted by the BUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Our scientists, together with the farmer from the village of Bodaki, were working on optimising the biofuel production process. As far as the design bicycles by the MAD Bicycles company are concerned, their inventor and constructor is Mr Adam Zdanowicz, a graduate of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of our University, a laureate of the ‘My idea, my business’ competition organised by the Faculty of Management.

The project ‘Adaptation of sewing machine to people with disabled legs’ is also nominated in the category of ‘Discovery’ (13 candidates). Its authors, students of the Prof. J. Groszkowski Electrical Schools Group from Bialystok, received a scholarship from the ‘Diamond Discoverers’ Association for the development of their idea.

Another nominee in the category of ‘Event’ is the ‘EastBiz’ Eastern Forum of e-Business organised by the Faculty of Management together with the Bialystok Science and Technology Park and the Employers’ Forum ‘Young Engineers – the future of Podlachia’ – an initiative of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers SEP, implemented in cooperation with the SEP research group at Bialystok University of Technology.

Moreover, one of the candidates in the category of ‘Society’ is ‘Programistok’, an IT conference co-organised by the BUT the Faculty of Computer Science.

All the applying initiatives are now going to be evaluated by the Award Committee that will short-list up to 3 products in each category and later choose the winner from among them. The names of the 21 finalists of the Podlachian Make of the Year will be announced on 13 March and on that date internet voting for the Podlachian Consumers’ Make will also start. The voting will be opened until 2 April. The laureates of the Podlachian Make Award will be announced on 27 April during a ceremony held in the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic.

We are proud to remind you that our University has been awarded in the Podlachian Consumers’ Make voting many times. In 2012, the award was given to the Centre for Modern Education of Bialystok University of Technology, in 2013 – to the HYPERION Mars rover, and in 2014 – to its successor, the HYPERION 2 Mars rover. In 2015, the title of the Podlachian Consumers’ Make was given to the creators of the Photon educational robot – young engineers related to our University – for their invention.


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