On 25th September 2017 the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Bialystok University of Technology will start a new course (in English) – Construction and Building Systems Engineering (CBSE). The proposed course of studies meets the expectations of the best high school graduates from both our country and foreigners who wish to study at our university. The initiators of the English-language studies are confident that the international engineering education gives a greater chance in both the labor market and future decisions related to master’s degree education.

Students will use the infrastructure of “INNO-EKO-TECH” – an innovative research center focusing on alternative sources of energy, energy-efficient construction and environmental protection of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The center is equipped with modern research-measuring systems, ICT infrastructure enabling students to get practical skills in terms of subsequent applications in engineering practice.

Students are able to participate and benefit from the world-class equipped laboratories. The selected laboratory classes will take place directly in construction enterprises. The outstanding practitioners in the field will be involvedin conducting design classes. All students will undergo the work experience placement for at least 6 weeks. Dissertations will be carried out in cooperation with employers. The large number of seminars, study visits, training workshops, providing students with additional skills  and knowledge of building industry, is offered as a form of the main course extension.

We can guarantee:

  • a modern, interdisciplinary course in English,
  • highly skilled, friendly faculty staff,
  • support of the educational process by experienced practitioners,
  • contact with future employers,
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS),
  • good preparation for the continuation of studies at the master’s degree,
  • a modern education system and research,
  • the possibility of obtaining professional certificates,
  • free access to broadband Internet,
  • Modern Educational Centre with a library and reading room, and rooms for independent work,
  • thematic scientific groups,
  • foreign language learning,
  • sport activities,
  • scholarship for foreigners of  PLN 1500 per month,
  • accommodation in Student Residence Hostels,
  • care and support of selected coordinators,
  • help in finding a job after graduation.
Required documents
Candidates must have high school final and confirmed knowledge of English (B2 or equivalent level).
According to registration rules we will consider the ratings from high school final certificate in Mathematics and Physics as well as documented additional student’s achievements (e.g. participation in scientific research, competitions, etc.) if applicable.
The position of the candidate in the list will depend on the number of points calculated according to the applicable admission formula, taking into consideration the mark (or its equivalent score) in Mathematics, Physics and English in the high School final certificate.

Information about the study:

e-mail: wb.cbse(at)pb.edu.pl


Information about registration and admission:

Foreigners – International Relations Office, Bialystok University of Technology,

Artur Mazur: artur.mazur(at)pb.edu.pl, Martyna Kuderska:  m.kuderska(at)pb.edu.pl, tel. +48 85 746 70 20

Polish – Centrum Rekrutacji Politechniki Białostockiej,

e-mail: rekrutacja(at)pb.edu.pl    tel. +48 85 746 71 47 and +48 85 746 71 48





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