The President of Bialystok, Mr Tadeusz Truskolaski, visited our foreign students before Christmas for the fifth time. At present, almost 260 overseas students study at Bialystok University of Technology under the Erasmus programme, under agreement with our partner universities, or on a fee-paying basis.

The meeting of the foreign students with the President of Bialystok was organised under the title ‘Have a Merry Christmas’, and that is why the schedule of the meeting held on 6 December included presentations on the Christmas and New Year traditions in various countries, e.g. the traditions of the Chinese New Year. There were also some competitions, including timed dressing-up of Father Christmases, and photos documenting them were immediately uploaded to the participants’ Facebook profiles.

Students from Kazakhstan, Slovakia, and Spain sang a well-known Polish season’s song ‘There is this special day’. Because the performance met with an enthusiastic response of the audience, singing together was continued in the form of karaoke.

The students talked to the President and asked him about his Christmas celebrations and also about the students festival called Juwenalia. Tadeusz Truskolaski underlined that Christmas in Poland is a special time but during the meeting there was also a possibility to get to know some customs and traditions of other nations. ‘For many years now, we have been trying to show that Bialystok is an open town with multi-cultural traditions. We even celebrate Christmas twice because of the two major religions in our area. And I am present at this meeting to show that foreign students are much welcome in Bialystok. I would like to thank them for choosing Bialystok’, said President Tadeusz Truskolaski in an interview for the Akadera Radio Station.

Magdalena Michalowska from the BUT Erasmus Student Network presented propositions of a variety of activities coordinated by her organisation, aimed at foreign students.

At the end of the meeting, the participants tried traditional Polish Christmas dishes.

The Christmas meeting of the BUT foreign students with the President of Bialystok was organised by the International Relations Office of Bialystok University of Technology.



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