Gowns, square academic caps, a solemn oath, a ceremony of students’ formal entry into the School, and a school ‘Oscar Awards gala’ – this is what the ceremony at the General Secondary School of Bialystok University of Technology looked like.

It was a historic event as it was attended by the first year of students of the school established by our University – over 50 students in two classes. The students were wearing special black and green gowns. Prof. Lech Dzienis, BUT Rector, underlined: ‘You are becoming members of the academic community of Bialystok University of Technology. This is the reason why this oath takes such a ceremonial form. It is a symbol of belonging to a specific community respecting academic traditions.’

‘The gowns you are wearing are evidence of your being special’, added Mr Mateusz Adaszczyk, President of the BUT Student Self-Government Council. ‘I would like to congratulate you on choosing a secondary school at a higher level. This higher level now depends on you. And you have already been given a head start with lots of possibilities.’ The President of the Student Self-Government Council also declared the university’s support to interesting student initiatives.

‘We are aware of the conditions and possibilities we have here’, said Milena Czemierys from class 1a. ‘Choosing this school, I wasn’t wondering what kind of secondary school it would be as I knew it would be good. I was only wondering what kind of people I would meet here but we already feel as one family. We will try to leave an impressive mark behind us. Our Secondary School can be one of the most exceptional schools.’

The Head Teacher of the BUT General Secondary School, Katarzyna Kaczynska, MSc, addressed her students: ‘You are now becoming fully-fledged students of the General Secondary School of Bialystok University of Technology, aware of your rights and responsibilities. Acquire your knowledge in a wise, earnest, and responsible way.’

The BUT Rector finished the official part of the ceremony in the traditional way: ‘Vivat Academia!’

At the BUT General Secondary School, special emphasis is placed on teaching scientific subjects and foreign languages. The school curriculum contains more hours of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and IT than a standard general secondary school curriculum. Subjects such as physics or chemistry are divided into lecture and laboratory parts. Additionally, the students will be able to use modern technologies (i.e. e-learning, e-coursebooks, and multimedia teaching aids). Learning Chinese is a novelty. The Chinese language classes are conducted by Ms Jin Zhao, a teacher from Tianjin, China.

The ceremony was held on 26 October.


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