‘Masters and coaches play an important role in martial arts and sports. They should not only teach fighting techniques – they should also be an example to follow and inspiration for their students. And coach Leszek Piekarski was such a person. In 1960, he started the first judo club in the Podlachian Region, and coached it until 1974’, said Piotr Klimowicz, PhD, from the Centre for Physical Education and Sport of Bialystok University of Technology. The Leszek Piekarski Tournament has been organised by the BUT Judo Club since 2010.

On 15 and 16 October, over 400 judokas competed on 5 mats in the Academic Sports Centre of our University – children on the first day, and youth, youngsters, and adults on the second.

The competitors represented many Polish (e.g. from Poznan, Lublin, Elk, and Warsaw) and foreign (Byelorussian, Russian, Latvian, and Ukrainian) judo clubs.

The AZS University Sports Club of Bialystok University of Technology was represented by 11 male students and 1 female one. Three of them reached the podium in the university classification: Monika Szlejter (in the category of under 57 kg), Lukasz Kosicki (under 60 kg), and Mariusz Drobiszewski (under 100 kg).

As many as 60 judokas represented the BUT Judo Club. They took the 1st place in the team classification (out of 44 teams).

What was coach Leszek Piekarski like? Antoni Zajkowski, the silver medallist of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, remembers: “My first coach in the Jagiellonia Bialystok Sports Club was Leszek Piekarski, famous for strict discipline. We called him ‘corporal’. He coached a few really good judokas and it was mainly thanks to him that our club was one of the best at judo then. I think that – in comparison to that in other clubs – our training was very intensive.” (after http://kodokan.pl/wspomnienia-antoni-zajkowski)

The organisers of the 7th Leszek Piekarski Judo Tournament were: the BUT Judo Club, the BUT AZS University Sports Club, and Bialystok University of Technology.

The next edition will be held in 2017.

See our photo report from the event.



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